Best Place to Buy a Salt Lamp

The carved out of a pink Himalayan salt are the decorative lights with various health benefits. These salt lamps have blown up in popularity in past few years. There is not any scientific study backing up the health claims of the salt lamp yet, but it still makes a beautiful decoration for your home. Now that these salt lamps are in the top of home decorations and wellness domain, many sellers are selling these salt lamps both online and offline. A lot of them are genuine and offer a good product but a lot of them offer fake lamps. So now I am going to tell you the best place to buy a Himalayan salt lamp. If you are concerned where to buy a kind and genuine salt lamp then read all the points below.


It is best to buy the salt lamps from your nearest store (if there is any)

For a lot of peoples, postage is a huge factor when it comes to purchasing salt lamps online. Salt lamps are incredibly fragile and are liable to get damaged while transporting, and since these lamps are made from the salt crystal which is only available in the western parts of the Himalayan, their postage charge is also extremely high. If postage is a concern to you and you don’t want to pay a high amount of postal charge then it is best to purchase the salt lamp locally. A small salt lamp weights around 2 to 4 kg which is suitable for a small and medium room, for bigger room’s six to nine kg lamp will be best. Since the weight and size of the product also influence the postal charge it is best to buy the lamp locally.

salt lamp collections

Now for those of you who did not have any shops nearby which sells salt lamps then there is no option left for you but to buy the lamp online. Purchasing a lamp online has a few disadvantages but if you purchase it from an ethical and certified online store you would not have any problem.


Here is a list of useful online salt lamp sellers who offer good genuine salt lamp


Earth inspired gifts

Earth inspired gifts is the option for you if you live in Australia. They offer 100% genuine products and their postage charges are pretty low. They also have zero postage local pickup in Sydney. For those who don’t want to pay any postage fee.

Walmart or Amazon

You can also go for Walmart or Amazon for purchasing your salt lamp. There is a meager chance that you will get a fake product there.

To be on the safe side also read the article on how to tell the difference between real and fake salt lamp.